Cookies are sold by the dozen. I have pre designed cookies and if requested ahead of time custom design is available. Each cookie is individually bagged & heat sealed. Additional flavors available for every 2 dozens: almond, lemon and chocolate.

Basic cookies start at $36 per dozen.

Mini Cookies

(1 inch aprox) All mini cookies must have basic design, no detailed or elaborated available. Minimum order: 32 cookies

Basic $1.00

8 bags with 4 mini cookies: $30

8 bags with 4 mini cookies tied with ribbon: $34

Regular cookies

(3 inches aprox)

Basic $3.00

Detailed $3.25

Elaborated $3.75

Additional fees per dozen:

Tied with ribbon $6

Ribbon and custom tag/bag topperĀ  $10

Individual clear box, ribbon and tag $14